GAMEKIT.beta: Towers of Dubai

For my GAMEKIT, I went with the Find Play in Things model.


The materials are pretty simple. A pair of different color die, and a bunch of coins.

Exploring Activities
While messing around with the materials, I wound up doing a lot of stacking. People seem to like holding the worlds tallest building title, so that’s why I decided to call the game The Towers of Dubai (at over half a mile high, Dubai currently has the tallest building in the world), and pretended these coins were buildings. 

Proof that people love being the highest builder.

Core Activity
The gameplay is driven by the luck of the die. The green dice here determines the type of coin in play: 1 = penny, 2 = nickel, 3 = dime, 4 = quarter, 5 & 6 = skip turn.  The white dice determines the number of coins in play, so G3W5 would mean 5 dimes are in play.


  1. If your tower falls, the fallen coins are out of the game, and the other player keeps them. Forever.
  2. If a certain denomination of coin runs out, the corresponding number on the green dice becomes a skip.
  3. If a certain denomination of coin is less than what the white dice calls for, just use them all.
  4. No adjusting your tower to make it more stable.

Stack as many coins as you can before the community pot of coins runs out. Get rich.

Play test
Surprisingly, even with free money up for grabs, I had to demo this game pretending to be two people. Here’s a run through:


10 thoughts on “GAMEKIT.beta: Towers of Dubai

  1. Nice name for your game….I can see my friends and I playing this game. The video explains everything clearly…Great post!

  2. Pretty cool game!!! There are Chances to win a lot of real coins and loose at the same time. Little children will love to play this game. Are you making the same game for our arcade? Would love to play it…Great post…

  3. Thanks, sorry about the video, I see now I made a lot of mistakes with the turns and getting the dice mixed up. But glad you got the idea!

  4. looks like an interesting game, you put good thought into it, would like see the game come to fruition in our education arcade… good luck…

  5. I wanna know why this girl in the picture is crying? She lost that’s why? Poor girl. Is she someone you know or just a picture from internet?

  6. That illustration with the little girl is too cute, poor baby. Do you mean that if the coins fall off from the “building” the other person gets to take it take it? As in put it in their pocket and get something from the store? Haha. If so, love that element. My favorite rule is the one where you can’t adjust the coins to make your tower sturdier after dropping off the coin. That makes the game a bit more challenging and may even force you to ficus hard on putting the coin properly the first time.

    • Yes, that’s right Joviette. Get something from the store, extra chocolate milk at lunch time, maybe even chocolate milk for all.

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