I used iMovie for the video assignment.  This lesson will be based on identifying the landmarks all over the world.  In my video, I used world famous landmarks and I would give the students different parts of the world based on the locations, tourist attractions, famous places in history and the students assignment would be to identify and specify the location of these landmarks.


How this video was created:

I went to image search and looked for images of famous landmarks around the world.

Opened the iMovie program

I selected new project from the menu

I selected the template for my movie

I then dragged the photos into the template and edited some titles.

I gave my project a name and saved it

From the share menu on iMovie, I selected youtube and uploaded the video to my channel and shared it from there.

I was not able to put a song or theme to it, so the students will be bored by this video and probably will fall asleep in class when watching it.

11 thoughts on “video

    • Very nice video. I love to travel and I will visit all this famous landmarks oneday!! The pictures you chose are really nice…

  1. Great job on the video Mier. I think you meant to write you searched up pictures of famous landmarks not rain forest! That is what Shaira did.
    Like Tanuja commented saying- I too wish to see all the famous landmarks oneday soon.

  2. I like these kind of geographical assignments, I was always good at geography an identifying countries or landmarks… this is a good way to get creative with a subject like this, nice…

  3. Meir, like someone said above, the pictures in your video are moving great. One or two things that can help spruce it up though. You should toy around with iMovie like I did and fins different things to do with your video. I played around and added audio not because I wanted to, but I happened to be curious about the program. Another thing is, you can insert titles of these historic landmarks just so kids can associate the landmarks with names and be familiar with them. I say this because even I couldn’t identify all the ones I’ve seen. Good work.

  4. Thank you, I could have edited it more with music and other stuff, but I had a hard time fusing the music, I have to learn more about imovie. 🙂

  5. Awesome job on the iMovie! Thanks for the clear and informative instructions of how to create one.

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