My Game-kit


Here is a Quick Demonstration of my Game

The Object of the game is to Slide one out of the three quaters inbetween the other two. The only way you can advance is to slide it foward only. If you cannot make any moves foward by sliding inbetween the other 2 you have to shoot from where you are. If you shoot and miss and it is not slid inbetween the other 2 quaters the coins are then turned over to the opposing player. The first person who gets 5 goals wins. This is a fun game to play if you have dont have alot of different supplies. If you cannot find anything to use for goals you can also use yours fingers.

Game Setup



If you wanted to Modify this game you could add different objects consisting of anything to obstruct the coins and make it harder to slide them.



6 thoughts on “My Game-kit

  1. Good game. It would have been better if you use something else beside hand. Anything to shoot the quarter, such as ice cream stick or spoon. good post anyways…

  2. This game reminds me of something I used to watch kids play in middle school in the cafeteria during lunch. You could see how excited they were, especially the boys! Childhood memories. This assignment forces us to dig into our creative side. Way to make a game work with items right in the home, really.

  3. I agree with Anthony, you can play this game in the office if no one is looking. great post!

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