Lessons to byte into!

I used photovisi for my K-12 visual assignment.  It’s a photo collage service where you just need to upload your photos and the template, then download it.  I made a collage on community workers.  This is appropriate for children in kindergarten since they have a community helpers unit in this grade.  Instead of coloring workers in books, I thought that taking actual pictures of them or cutting them out of magazines and putting it together in a collage with the children would be more fun for them.  These are different jobs in our community that children are familiar with.

How I created this collage:

  1. I went to google.com image search and looked for pictures of community workers, e.g. police, fire fighters, etc. and saved them on my desktop.
  2.  I went to www.photovisi.com and selected a template style
  3. Once I selected the template, I added my photos
  4. Once the pictures appeared on the collage, I resized and moved them around.
  5. I then clicked finished and downloaded the collage
I’ve never used photovisi but the instructions were pretty straightforward.  It was easy to use.
I used iMovie for my video assignment.  This lesson will be based on identifying animals that belong to a particular habitat.  In my example, I used the rainforest.   I would give them a region of the world based on its climate and their assignment would be identify the various forms of life that inhabit that area.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”450″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMOpDfX89f8[/youtube]

How I created this video:

  1. I went to google.com image search and looked for pictures of animals in the rainforest and saved it.
  2. Opened the iMovie program
  3. I selected new project from the menu
  4. I selected the template for my movie
  5. I then dragged the photos into the template
  6. I gave my project a name and saved it
  7. From the share menu on iMovie, I selected youtube and uploaded the video

iMovie was fun and simple to use.  It gave you step by step instructions.


15 thoughts on “Lessons to byte into!

  1. good post here, I like the community worker collage, its good for kids to become more familiar with these workers who serve our community and they are in positions that are easily recognizable to children. Whether cut & paste or on the computer this assignment is one that kids can get into, I remember having assignments like this as kid and they were always fun. The video on imovies was cool too, again kids like stuff like this because its fun, interactive and an opportunity for learning. You got implement you rain forest idea too and you can probably expand on these ideas as well. I also like how you explained the process, it make easy for those who want to try the same options, good job!!!

    • Thanks for your nice comment Anthony. This assignment was especially fun since my research lead me towards a few applications that I can use for my personal projects. I’ve always wanted a nice collage of family photos and never knew how to do it for a low price. Online photo printing sites charge lots of money for this. Fun project and I learned so much from it!

  2. I’m always for the assignments that enable students to be crafty. For my assignment, I did a collage just like yours except mine was in the design category. My idea was to do an alphabet photo collage or a collage to help students identify and learn different emotions that they can encounter with their family or friends.
    I’d like to see your rainforest video — so log into YouTube and make it public. The rainforest is one of my favorite habitats.
    Like you also, I used iMovie and it wasn’t so complex to work with for my first time. The Professor said it’s a “suckie” video editing program – just when I thought I was doing something fascinating. Haha. Thanks for posting!

  3. Good post. You described nicely how you used the website and created the college on community workers. This is a very nice way to introduce the workers to young children. What happen to the video? I wish I could see it. You have to make it public, otherwise no one can see it…

  4. very good post, the collage was a great idea and you explained very well how you used the different applications.

  5. You know what I love the most about your post- the steps you gave on how to be able to create it on our own. Very creative and nicely thought out. Thank you. Really like the way you made the video-enjoyed watching it.

  6. I love how you created this collage! Nicely explained. Really enjoyed watching your video 🙂

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