The game that i chose for Chuckie Cheese to modify was the wheel. My game is not a game that is solely based on the wheel itself but incorporates the wheel into the game. Where you see the numbers on the wheel i would instead have all different exercises for example (Bench Press, Plyometrics, 4 Mile Run ect.) All these exercises would have a different point value, I would also set up a large bulletin where i would have 3 diffrent columns listed as, Cardio Vasuclar Endurance, Muscular strength, Muscular Endurance. The students would have to spin the wheel and whatever exercise the pin landed on the student would have to take it off the wheel and post it in the column that best represents that exercise. I would explain to the students that and exercise might also have more than one benefit incorporating more than one aspect of physical Fitness but i would like them to chose the aspect that is more relevent. The more complexed the exercise the higher the point value it will be. The Students with the highest point value at the end would be the winner. This game will help students identify and learn what exercise helps improve what aspect of physical fitness.




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7 thoughts on “WHEEL OF FITNESS

  1. At first I chose this game for my project but couldn’t apply it to a lesson properly. I like your game/lesson idea, it engages the student in the learning process.

  2. cool game Sal, and you have a smart twist of how the more the students look and realize what each exercise is, the more they learn and are aware of it. For the students to learn at an early age of what a certain exercise is or looks like and how to perform shows both the educational and physical education aspects of it as well. Great post.

  3. I must’ve spent most of my tokens at this wheel trying to land on the “100” looking like a big ‘ol kid. I like your idea of having a sort of matching game so that kids can learn about exercises in the different major health components. Only thing is that instead of having the kid with the highest point value win, find a way for there to be multiple winners or a way for everyone to win something– if this is a game for a younger group.

  4. I played this a couple of time, but always landed on 3 :(…. I liked your modification of the game. Playing game and exercising at he same time. Looking forward to see this game and play it. Great post..

  5. What a great way to educate students. I really like your idea for modifying the game- it can help students learn the different aspects of exercises. Can not wait to see how it turns out!

  6. Great modification idea. Excited to see what you come up with. This can be a fun, educational game for kids. Very engaging for young students :]

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