The Components of Physical Fitness

In my lesson I want to teach the 5 components of physical fitness which are, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition.  For the sake of this project/lesson I am only going to stress the first 4 components because they are the most tangible for people to understand.

Most lessons designed to teach the components of physical fitness are structured in a way that demands students to learn the knowledge and be able to repeat it back.  I found many standard lessons such as this one that is designed to teach the lesson in a classroom lecture type format which many students tend to forget by the end of the day.  I continued my search and found other lessons such as this that are more interactive in teaching the components and individual testing but fail to detail ultimate learning outcomes where the student will carry the given knowledge.

In my lesson/game I would like students to learn the physical fitness components, understand them and be able associate the components with various physical activities.

Game mechanics & Rules:

On the game board there are definitions of the physical fitness components.. There is circle of sports and each athlete has a set level cooresponding toeach component… There is a list of rules detailing how to play the game

The Components of Physical Fitness Game

simplified rules:

the player will spin the arrow and when the arrow stops this is the athlete they must use, then the player will have 4 rolls of the dice but before each roll the player must choose which component they want to apply the following points for, there is a set limit of 18 if you go over 18 you win nothing, for every point you get without going over you win that amount in tickets, if you happen to get 18 then you get the points you rolled plus 10 bonus tickets, add the amount accumulated for all 4 rolls and that is your ticket amount… simple right???

In these two videos I demonstrate how to play the game, in the top video it is little better recorded because I had my friend record while I played and explained the game, in the bottom video I recorded my friend play while I narrated so the recording wasn’t that good…But overall I demonstrate how to play the game and it was pretty fun as me and my buddies played the game all night while at work, we kept tweaking the game trying to make it fun, good flowing and understandable… after awhile my friends became experts in the physical fitness components and were  able to associate them with the particular sport…




12 thoughts on “The Components of Physical Fitness

  1. It is a pretty cool game… I loved the way how you build the game and added the lesson in it. I had fun watching the game. I believe I will have more fun playing it. I will love to play the game in our arcade. Great post.

  2. Your game looks fun and interesting, also its smart how you incorporated the physical aspects and components of physical education. Great post Anthony !

  3. Nice game! It keeps your eyes on the money, allowing you to have fun while understanding the components of physical fitness.

  4. Very nice, one of the better thought out ones so far. Can’t wait to play on the full board with all the athletes.

  5. Anything that has to do with sports has got my attention — maybe besides golf. One part of your game that I still don’t understand even after we spoke about it in class is the “18 limit”. The reason I didn’t bother to question it in class was because I felt even with an explanation, I still wouldn’t understand it.
    This is where, being a visual or kinesthetic learner might benefit me. I could understand the rules of the game by watching it being played or playing it myself. Make sure you get me to play on Wednesday. See you then!

  6. Great game idea! After playing, it will be much easier to understand the five components! Can’t wait to play!

  7. Your vidoes helped understand the game a lot better, I cant wait for our arcade game to give this game a try. The lesson involved in the game can really help students learn physical fitness. Great post!

    • I made the game and have fun playing myself too, its pretty cool but I understand it may be easier to learn the mechanics by playing it or watching others than by me explaining it, come gameday I’m probably gonna have to try to explain and demonstrate but after a couple of runs you’ll get it and learn the physical fitness components too…

  8. Very educational game. It turned out great at the arcade! 🙂 Good idea to learn the 5 components of physical fitness.

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