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Cartoon You (Design Assignment)

I used this picture to alter because I thought it would look amazing in cartoon form. I ididn’t use the traditional cartoon version I used a different style one:

Original picture

I used to alter the picture. I explored with first creating a cartoon version with the cartoonize feature. Once I did that I began to expore other changes that the site offered. I played with the tinting and color. I sharpened the the image and even added text. I enjoyed using this digital tool and when I got the hang of it I really explored all the possibilities. This is what I created:

Cartoon Me

A Word…. A Picture…. A Story (Video Assignment)

I came up with a list of 9 words to create a story with.I wanted to make a story based on love. so the words I chose were:

boy, girl, fall in love, pregnancy, fight, baby, make-up, family, happily ever after

Next, I went on google to find a picture to represent each of the words I came up with. The last step is to make a video using the pictures Here is my video:


I use Imovie to create the video. I had never used the program before so I learned a lot. I learned how to import clips, create new clips, selecting a theme for the video, and lengthing the each clip. After I did that I added transition clips to make the video flow better. After I did that I was ready to view the video and finalize the project. After that I up loaded the video to youtube. I liked that I did this project because I learned how to use a video editing program and I think it will benefit me later on.




7 thoughts on “Visual Learning Fun and Games

  1. The cartoon version looks cool, def trying, your video was very creative. I like that you used pics to represent the words you chose and made it a story. Its incredible how much you can do just by playing around with the different tools. When you setup a hyperlink, make sure to check off the box that says “open a new window”, then people who are reading your blog will remain on your page…I find that the back button is not always reliable. Great post!

  2. WOW!!! Nice post. I liked the cartoon. I wanted to make a cartoon for my video assignment but did not know how to. Its really cool.

  3. Its pretty cool how a website can allow you to do much. Love the cartoon version, it looks so neat. Thank you for sharing the website and great job on the video- very creative!

  4. You video story is great and I appreciate all the all the tools that you used to make the video. It is amazing that you were able to to do all that the first time using a video editing software.

  5. With iMovie, I did some of the same things you did for the same assignment. I used a tool in the program to make my transitions smoother along with other things. I really like how you put your video together. Good product on your first try.

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