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While I was surfing the web, I came across a math lesson plan which explains what the mode of a set of data is.  Using that lesson and a recent posted blog as my inspiration, I decided to create this math game called, “Whack A Mode”  and it is shown in the video below.



The mode is the number or thing that occurs the most in a set of data. This game highlights the concept of the mode by making obvious the number which repeats the most. The data, Numbers 1 through 5, pop up one at the time, as shown in the video. The player acknowledges a number by whacking it down, right after that number goes down a random number, from 1 through 5, will come up again. This continues to happen until the game stops (normally it lasts less than 1 minute). The player keeps track of how many times each number has come up. If the player can identify correctly the number that appears the most, he or she wins and the number identified is called the mode. In the video, the number “5” is the mode.

Other parts of the lesson that can be applied to this game are the facts that the mode can be represented by more than one number and/or that the mode may not exist in a given set of data.

I received great feedback from my friends who played the game with me. For the most part the liked the game, but wished the game was faster.

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  1. Cool video. I laughed a lot while watching. I am sure you had fun making it. Kids will love to play this game. Very good creation.

  2. Hahaha the video was very funny to watch and at the same time educational. Very creative idea. I agree with thasan- students will definitely love to play the game.
    Nice post!

  3. Cool idea in bringing math education to a fun game, math is much more fun to learn for kids by using an active game like this as mode of transportation to learning…

  4. Cool video! It’s good that you provided a link with the lesson. Children will definitely enjoy playing this game. Looks simple to create and also simple to follow its rules.

  5. Funny video, looks like you had lots of fun playing which is a good sign cuz I’m sure kids will enjoy it. Its great that you were able to create a fun educational game!

  6. I like “Whack-A-Mode” as well. What’s interesting to me is that there is a memorization skill that has to be applied to this game, which I believe is a positive. I wonder what type of learning this falls under? This game could be played practically by any age as you scale up the number of numbers whacked in a given period of time. So there is a second metric to measure potentially.

    Assuming you could put up the numbers as fast as possible, a person could acknowledge the numbers at various rates (basically as fast as they believe they can organize in their mind the mode). So potentially one learner could whack 20 numbers in a minute while another could whack say 35 numbers. Obviously determining the mode across the 35 whacks would be harder than 20 whacks. So if the learner gets the mode correct across 35 whacks they should get more tickets than the learner who gets the mode correct across 20 whacks.

    Also you don’t have to necessarily use numbers, it could be colors, pictures of fruit, or any number of other types. And you could make it more complicated as well by having to variables to track. Say you chose vehicles and color. You could pop-up either a car or truck that could be one of five colors. The learner would have to remember both the mode of vehicle type and color.

    This game ultimately reminds me a lot of the memory game Simon

    • Thanks for your feedback Prof. Smith. I modified the entire game just so memorization doesn’t come into play. Now it is Whack A Mode 2.0.

  7. This was funny! I could hear you guys cracking up. I think kids would have fun playing this game, especially the young ones.

  8. I like the idea, you might want to make the directions clearer though. I did get the concept. Just try to make the #’s come up faster that should make it harder. or even have the whole set of data come up at once. Then each number would pop up one at a time and the student would wack the mode.

    • This makes sense: “each number would pop up one at the time and the student would wack the mode” This makes the game waaaay better. I hope you don’t mind me using this idea. I love it!

  9. Funny video with your way of making up the wack a mole game. I also think that the children are going to have a laugh and a lot of fun with this game.

  10. I’m glad you had a lot of fun making a mock up or a trial of this game. Great use of your resources you have in your home. Curious to see how you will build this for the arcade. Really funny. I think I could win this game. I have great memory skills.

  11. hahahaha!!! This game is really fun. I forget to play this game.. My sister enjoyed this game a lot. Now I regret. 🙁 I shlould have played this game and have fun….

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