The game I found the most interesting is the SKE BALL machine. I mean not only was it my favorite game as a child, but even today this game never fails to excite me ( sad I know ). I remember as a child as I would try to figure out the point system . The higher the ball landed the more points I got, it was the simple for me, BUT I had to get that ball in ! NOT so simple at a young age. When I play the game as an adult the whole game plan changed, i was more focused on the position I was throwing the ball in, how to get it in the 100 points slot and the my speed.

To modify this game I would keep the concept the same, but I prefer the kids to actually add up the points on their own .  I think  adding the points, staying focused and helping children build a tiny competitive side to them can keep chlidren intrested in different activities. Especially for the younger kids, I would say 1st grade or even 2nd grade. Another reason why I choose this game is because you can use several different point system  depending on the age group, for our older age group ( lets say 5th-7th grade) we can try multiplication. This can help kids not only flex their arm mucles but their brian as well !

11 thoughts on “SKEE BALL

  1. I too enjoy playing this game! we’re all still kids at heart 🙂
    great post, did you make any videos?

  2. This is a game that i think everybody likes playing, there are a lot of ways to turn it into an educational game, the idea of haveing kids add their own points is a good start.

    • yeah I’m trying to figure out what new ways i can modify this game, instead of numbers I was thinking about words? Word identification for the younger kids, I don’t know yet, still working on it

      • I like your idea of adding their own points, its perfect for 1st and 2nd graders because students are required to memorize addition facts, they achieve this by constant repetition. You can write little addition problems on the holes…I’m sure whatever you come up with will be great. Good Luck and looking forward to playing!

  3. Great post. I like the idea of adding the numbers by the students themselves. By playing this game students will learn adding as well as have fun…good idea….

  4. I also remember playing this as a child and it was pretty challenging for me since my aim is not the best. But, I was always determined to get the ball where I can gain the most points. Your modification of this game does help cognitive development. The point system is a great mathematics component of the game.

  5. Skee ball is my favorite game of all time!! They also had a modified version called “Dunk the alien” where you had to roll the ball and try to hit a moving sign that would cause the alien to drop. It was fun but I only got like 3 tickets

  6. This was also my favorite game, I think its interesting how you came up with having the children add up their own points, not only would they have fun playing the game but it would also sharpen their math skills. Simple and fun game, perfect for 1st and 2nd graders.

  7. i think it was my first time playing this game at chuck e cheese and it was so much fun, I cant wait to see your version of at our arcade 🙂

  8. A great way to twist it also is to give the kids a value or let them randomly pick one out of a hat. With this, the kids would have to strategize and figure out which combinations will get them to the value given or picked. This might make the game more fun as the kids get determined to get the ball in the slots that add up to their value. Love this game. The trip to Chuck E cheese was much fun.

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