Remix the President – Audio K-12

Artist Depiction of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

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My audio K-12 assignment is “Remix Your Favorite Presidential Speech”.  No student wants to go home and read a speech written in 1863, but if the assignment is to remix the speech with their favorite beat students just may pay attention, and dare I say learn!

I believe this assignment would be great for a junior high history class.  Students would have to remix a historic presidential speech and write a short summary on its significance to American history.

I created this masterpiece with GarageBand.  I recorded my voice and put threw an effect on top.  I then added an AppleLoops beat and keys.  The GarageBand program is very easy to use and most students may already know how to manipulate the program.

My Grammy nomination is probably already in the mail.  😉 Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Remix the President – Audio K-12

  1. This is a great idea for a junior to senior high school student, I think they would love it, the idea of researching a presidential speech and recording to a beat would definitely appeal to students and they will truly learn history & technology in one shot.. good stuff here…

  2. Sounds very cool, I love the beats you chose! This is a good idea on how to get your students to listen and understand these boring presidential speeches. Great post, I really enjoyed listening.

  3. What a great idea!
    The beats actually make listening to the presidential speeches worth listening to.
    Very creative of you!

  4. HAHA this was brilliant. I wish teachers could incorporate music and their lessons more often. Not only will students be interested but we would actually see the teachers creative side

  5. An upbeat remix of a speech does not sound boring and can most likely help students attain the historical information. Nice way to teach American History!

  6. Great post. I like the idea that you are making you students to learn history and they will be interested coz you presented it in an interesting way. I hate history clases, I always fall asleep. It will be fun learning history with some beats…

  7. Great, glad I got to hear that. I just realized I don’t know what President Lincoln actually sounded like. Just the way actors have delivered the speech. Still even in this form, the meaning is all there. Nice job.

  8. This is toooo funny. It sounds like a club track. Great job man! This is my first time hearing about the GarageBand program. I saw one other person using it in class the other day. I should check it out! Way to remix the speech.

  9. This video is funny mike, clubbing to a song about lincoln and history, who knew. I wish my video was as good as yours and not boring kids to death.

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