Chucky Cheese Milk Machine

A lot of the games at Chucky Cheese are purely based on timing, these are a lot easier than the other games of chance or some other skill (like basketball). They’re great if you came to win tickets, because once you’ve got the timing down, it’s just a matter of letting your muscle memory work for you.

An example game is Hat Trick. The mechanics of the game itself are a bit complicated (it’s a machine with moving parts), but the gameplay mechanics are pretty simple:

  1. Roll a token down the ramp
  2. Avoid the big holes and make it across the bridge
  3. Once you’ve crossed the bridge you’re in the money (ticket winner), but you can keep rolling through a tiny slot to win the jackpot.

It’s best to see this in action:

A game like this is definitely doable though. It’s just a matter of finding a way to rotate the table at the right speed. The ramps and board itself could be easily constructed.

To add an educational element to this game I’ll modify the rules so that the the numbers on the gameboard are different and there are now +, -, ÷ and × holes. The students get a free roll, and the number they hit is the number of tokens they are given for their turn. The goal of each turn in the modified game would be to hit a target number by performing a series of arithmetic based moves.

Example gameplay:

  1. Free roll: lands on 8, gets 8 tokens
  2. Student draws random number from a hat, lets say 32.
  3. Student must make the number 32 by using, at most, their 8 tokens:
    -Student rolls and hits a 14
    -Student rolls and hits a ×
    -Student rolls and hits a 2
    – Student rolls and hits a +
    – Student rolls and hits a 4
    – Student has 32, wins.

6 thoughts on “Chucky Cheese Milk Machine

  1. You know what’s funny, I was thinking of coming up with the exact idea!!- how the game 24 is played but this involves a lot of fast thinking and math isn’t really my thing. I’m glad you were able to come up with it and it works out perfectly well!

    • Never heard of 24, but I just read the wiki, and it sounds like an excellent math game. I don’t know if I can pull this off, so feel free to do something similar.

      • We use to play “24” in middle school. It was very challenging! I think you can do it- you explained it pretty well on your post. Go for it!

  2. I did not play this game at chuck e. cheese, but now I think I should have. lol..Its a great game to win a lot of tickets. You just have to time and plan when and where you wanna drop your token. I like the idea that you wanna come up with an educational game. Keep working on it and i believe you can come up with a great game…nice post..

  3. Great game make up. I like the way the kids get to roll to get tokens and the overall lesson behind the game. A lot of our classmates are making games based around mathematics. Everything sounds great so far.

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