Chuck E. Cheese – Football Toss

The game I liked best (even though it wasn’t working properly) was the Football 2 Minute Drill.  The mechanics of the game were pretty simple: put in token and game starts.  A conveyor belt brings the footballs to you and you must toss the balls into 3 different sized holes.  The smaller hole is more points.  The game continues for 2 minutes.


I would modify this game to suit a K-12 lesson by changing the rules and objectives.  I would create more holes in which the ball would be tossed through, and designate them with different numbers.  Students would have to answer a math question correctly in order to receive a chance to score more points by throwing a football through a hole.  Example:

Question: what is 2 X 3?

Answer: 6 (If answered correctly the student receives 1 point for his/her team)

The student would then have to toss the ball in the hole designated “6”.  If successful, they would score additional points for their team.

10 thoughts on “Chuck E. Cheese – Football Toss

  1. I agree that this would be a great creation for the arcade. There are several ways to make this game educational and you pointed out some. Try to come up with ideas to modify its mechanisms and make it more exciting for students. This game is a good choice!

  2. Great modification of the game, it would help students build their math skills. Cool game tho!

  3. When I tried this game, it was very hard for me to score a touch down but the game was still fun to play

  4. Great idea for a modification. I think everyone that played the game at Chuckie Cheese was quickly disappointed in how slow the belt brought the footballs back. Great modification though. I was thinking of suggesting it til I finished reading the post and realized you had already decided on that. Good luck

    • i only got 2 throws so I didn’t even post my own .. this video is from youtube

  5. Great idea, your modification to the game can benefit kid of all ages! Good luck on putting it together!

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