Chuck E Cheese a great place for games, learning, and winnning prizes

At chuck e cheese, one I saw that I was thinking to recreate was the Street Hoops game in where you get a certain amount of time (short time I think) to get as many basketballs as you can in the hoops. What I thought about modifying it was to ggive the player 30 seconds to get as many basketballs as they can in the basketball hoop.

Street Hoops

What I think and know about this game and how it is educational, is that it has to do or relate with hand-eye-coordination from  a physical education perspective. What I also think it does educationally is that with in the allotted time given to the player, the game makes them think, decide, aim, and shoot faster instead of having unlimited time. The only other game I can think of that is relative to very limited timing and has player’s think and make the move faster is Chess when they have the small clock next to them. I’m trying to come up with ways to change the game myabe with having double points if the player gets two shots in a row or if the ball bounces a couple of times on the rim and then falls off the rim they lose points, but I’m still thinking what to do.

7 thoughts on “Chuck E Cheese a great place for games, learning, and winnning prizes

  1. Your modification of the game relates very well to the physical education perspective. can’t wait to see you finish piece.

  2. I have already finished the concept in my head but I don’t think I’m gonna physically design it, I had something else in mind about health and making a game out of having plastic toy pieces of healthy and junk food pieces and having children guessing which is healthy and which is not, and when they get it right they get points or tickets but thank you so much for the comment. 🙂

  3. Your ideas above sound good and seems like a game children would enjoy playing. I like how you are thinking of adding a nutrition lesson into this game, this way its not only physical… I can’t wait to see the game you create!

  4. I like your modification of the actual game. You want to make it more faster and put aim in the game which sounds great. Keep working on it you can cope up with an wonderful game…good post

  5. Something the Professor kept mentioning was does your remake of the game teach the kids the proper way to shoot or does it just showcase which kids can shoot and which kids can’t — but, I like your ideas on how to change up the rules of the game. Giving a different value for clean shots vs sloppy shots for more tickets. I like that!

  6. Thanks Jovie, when I saw it, and based on the allotted time given, I thought it gets kids to use their hand-eye-coordination, shoot, and score faster and win more tickets.

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