106 with an education twist

I had a hard time with this assignmnet but I came up with a couple ideas that may work and are simple to do. First for a visual assignment. The student must create an advertisement for a healthy food item using a picutre of an athlete to endorse it.


7 thoughts on “106 with an education twist

  1. Very clever idea. Great way to advertise eating healthy of course it makes it ever more great because of dwyane wade in the picture!

  2. This is an assignment kids can really get in to, it seems like kids can easily relate to sports athletes and having them decide on a nutritious food that think an athlete may endorse is a good idea and something they can enjoy…

  3. Great idea, I think younger students would really enjoy this assignment. It would be fun to display the advertisements on a bulletin board as well. Good job.

  4. I like how you implemented healthy food into a visual of a physical activity which also promotes health. Students can definitely have fun with this assignment and create their own twists to it. Nice idea!

  5. Funny pic, but awesome way of fusing sports and nutrition in your picture even though they are relative. Great post

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