Superhero’s and Jokes in Spanish. Thanks DS 106

The assignment I chose to do for the visual assignment is entitled “troll quotes” In this assignment I was set with the task of linking three similar yet differen figures. My figures were Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. As a huge fan of comic books and superheroes in general i quickly developed this concept. Here is my finished product.

The picture is of Superman, the quote is from Batman, and the quoted is credited to Spiderman. While attempting to complete this task I had to refamiliarize myself with photo editing software. The ideas of layers and text boxes that lie dormant in the back of my mind  had to be pulled back to the front.

For the audio assignment I chose to do the assignment entitled “Make’em laugh“. For this assignment I had to tell a joke in another language. I enjoyed doing this assignment although it’s was a bit awkward to record myself. I also tend to laugh at more inappropriate jokes so it I tried to keep it pg with a friendly kid joke.

7 thoughts on “Superhero’s and Jokes in Spanish. Thanks DS 106

  1. I like the troll quotes assignments, good choice in using DC comic characters. This assignment is one of those that could be used in so many realms… Wanted to hear your joke in Spanish but don’t you posted it???

  2. I like how you linked the three superheroes together. Its great that you were able to figure out how to use photo editing software, I found it a bit difficult. The layering of the text in front of the figure looks great.

  3. When i first saw the picture I was puzzled but after reading your post it all made sense. Good work!

  4. Awesome of how you quoted the superheroes and linked three others. Nice pic of the man of steel.

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