For my DS106 assignment I decided to go for a visual. I Google humors pictures of Buddha and I found myself connected to this one. I choose this image because it made me thing of the reincarnation theory. And the baby is basically thinking, he’s Buddha and he’s back to this new generation and he accepts a new lifestyle and new Philosophy. is the program i choose to help me edit this picture, it was a fun site compared to the other ones I tried using.

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  1. I couldn’t help but “aww” at the chubby baby- Buddha. I like how you relate to the new generation and life. Very well done on editing of the picture.

  2. This visual is adorable! I love babies, so it’s great that you chose to create this modernized baby next to Buddha since they look very much alike here. I like the meaning behind this visual. Great use of Pixlr!

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