DS106 Styled Assignments For K-12 Learning

In this post, I write about two assigments that I created for K-12 Math classrooms using DS106 website ideas. The first assignment I named “Caption Your Geo” and the second,  “Record Your Math”.

Caption Your Geo’s main learning objective is to help students remember the area of geometric figures. This assignment requires the students to: 1) search online for the image of a geometric figure.  2) add captions to the image denoting the name and ‘formula of the area’ of the geometric figure. 3) send the resultant image via e-mail to their teacher so he or she can share it in class through a powerpoint presentation.  Here is an example of this assignment I created using GIMP:

The second assigment, “Record Your Math”, requires students to record the steps of solving a specific mathematics problem using an audio program and sending a copy of the file to the teacher. The learning objective of this assignment is to enhance student’s learning. Most students have a better understanding of what they learn when they explain it to others. For example, if a student chooses to talk about the steps of adding or substracting like fractions and uses the Audacity and SoundCloud platforms to create and share his or her recording, then their explanation should sound similar to this:

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]https://soundcloud.com/yitongliton/add-sublikefractions1[/soundcloud]


Visual and Audio New Media assigments are very useful in the classrooms. They help enhance students learning by helping them focus in a specific activity. At the same time, these assignments can be fun for students.

3 thoughts on “DS106 Styled Assignments For K-12 Learning

  1. I like the concepts of the K – 12 assignments and using technology to present lessons, the one you used for audio ‘record your math’ is a great approach to helping students understand math, it is an engaging approach that will likely encourage students to to take part and pride in the math learning process, great idea!!!

  2. Great idea of using audio/recording for mathematics will help students understand the subject better than a boring lecture in class.

  3. Both of the concept seem interesting and helpful. Anything to help students learn and most importantly have them in understanding it well is a great idea.

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