Baby Talk Visual

I chose to do a visual for the DS106 assignment. is a photo service that it very simple to use.  I found a photo through Google image search and uploaded the photo to which is a web based tool that allows you to easily add speech bubbles to your photos. Once you add your speech bubbles, you can save it locally or upload it to your facebook or blog account.

8 thoughts on “Baby Talk Visual

  1. The bubble caption fits so well with the image you chose to work on. I went on speechable website and it looks like a very straightforward website to use.
    Nice post!

    • So much easier than the others! I tried Gimp and Pixlr but couldn’t figure it out, I’ll keep trying though cause there’s so much more you can do with them.

  2. Nice caption! The picture is very funny and your caption makes it even better. I like the way it looks and I will probably use in the future.

  3. Very creative. Thank you for sharing the website. Will be checking it out in the future

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