Dress Up Your Food !

My K-12 Visual / Design lesson is age appropriate for 3rd or 4th grade elementary students.  The lesson would revolve around nutrition and healthy eating, particularly fruits and vegetables.  Students will learn the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and proper daily intake.  After the lecture part of the lesson students would be able to dress up their favorite fruit or vegetable via a graphics editing program such as PhotoshopExpress.  Students will be encouraged to dress up their food any way they would like, i.e. favorite athlete, singer, actor, etc.

My Photoshop apple.

Students can be asked to print their pictures and write a short paragraph on the nutritional value of their chosen fruit or vegetable.

I have never used Photoshop Express before and I found it to be very user friendly and is a program that elementary children could also use.  I would like to try the full version of the software.  I believe this lesson would be both fun and informative for elementary level children.

6 thoughts on “Dress Up Your Food !

  1. This is really creative and cute! I like your idea of revolving this lesson around nutrition. Awesome post.

  2. cool assignement, I think young kids would really like doing this and encourages them the benifits of healthy eating…

  3. This is a great lesson idea that I know kids will enjoy doing…who wouldn’t want to dress up their food. Not only would it teach them about good nutrition but also how to use graphic editing programs. I like how your lesson includes a lecture, writing and some art. Great post!

  4. The way you implement this to children, makes it fun to understand the benefits of eating healthy and physical activity.

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