DS 106 Visual/Video


For my Visual Assignment i found a picture of Mitt Romney and then Added the text. The site that allowed me to add the bubble textbighugelabs.com. I thought this was funny because it contradicts the knowledge of this man who ran for President.

The lesson i would create to incorporate DS106 is asking my students to create a visual photo while also adding text. The reason i would do this is so the students could gain experience resizing images, uploading images and learning to add text to images. I feel as if this is an important tool for students to learn in order to be successful with future projects they may encounter. Above you can see my photo that i added text to. I believe the students would respond well to this assignment. Due to the sudden boom in  technology students are becoming much more technologically advanced at a younger age. I think this assignment students would flourish.

The Audio Part of my Assignment i would have students record and edit their voice. This will help students familiarize them self with Garage band. I would ask the students to record them self spelling 5 words they are unable to currently spell. I would have students do this because certain students may learn better using auditory skills. Replaying this audio recording would help students learn how to correctly spell the words they chose. Unfortunately i am unable to demonstrate this audio recording because i do not have a MAC computer.


6 thoughts on “DS 106 Visual/Video

  1. lol, great thought bubble. Is that an original joke? You should write for the daily show.

  2. Its always fun to take jabs at blundering politicians… you could turn this into a k – 12 assignment somehow, maybe have students choose a politician and find situations where they contradict themself then have the student come with creative caption to associate with their cntradictions…

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