Tennis Toss game

Step 1 Gather Materials: While looking through my house I came across several supplies. One object that caught my eye was a set of red bowls all different sizes. I then grabbed a few tennis balls

Step 2 Explore Activities: it wasn’t long before I put together an idea for a skeet ball type game as this is my favorite arcade game.

Step 3 Core Activity: while attempting to build my skeet ball game I became frustrated with the idea of finding a ramp to roll my tennis balls so I decided I would throw them instead.

Step 4 Pick a Goal: The goal became to get a tennis ball into each bowl in the shortest amount of time. Either by bounce or direct toss.

Step 5 Rules: As I am highly proficient in tossing and my competitor was not we changed a rule and required that the ball had to bounce atleast once before entering the bowl

Step 6 Play: We played the game several times continuously changing the rules. We played a round where each bowl was worth points and you had 5 tosses and the most points won. We also played a round in which the person that got a ball in with the most bounces won the game. We also changed the distance of the bowls several times

11 thoughts on “Tennis Toss game

  1. Sounds fun! It’s great that you guys changed the rules a few times which made it more exciting and challenging.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you kept changing the rules to make the game more fun for both players, each having a chance to win. I wish you’d shown a bit of video of this one since it’s such physical game.

    Also it would be interesting to imagine how this could be turned into a educational game. Right now the goal is to get the ball in the cup, a fairly simple game mechanic, but add a educational learning objective. How might you do that?

    • One example is to give each bowl a numerical value and tell m students they must get a certain number as their final score without going over. They would have to use their math skills to figure out how many scores in each bowl they would need

  3. Sounds like fun. I would love to see someone playing it. A video would have been better than only one image. Your description of the game step by step makes it easy to understand. good post…. 🙂

  4. I play softball so I love anything like this that requires skill. Especially because if you’re good at something like this, you can show off.

    Was there a certain distance or line you had to stand behind in order to toss or bounce the ball? You know, something like a starting point that you couldn’t pass?

    • We took turns sitting in a chair. First we tried throwing overhand but they would bounce out sometimes and I was getting annoyed so then we took turns sitting in a chair and tossing underhand

  5. Good idea of changing the rules more than once. This must make the game even more fun. Steps are very clear to follow and thanks for sharing this game!

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