Snakes and Ladders with a Twist



I will be modifying the board game- Snakes and Ladders. The original rules and materials for this game is listed here.


I will be using UNO cards and trivia questions (questions can vary depending on who’s playing) in order to play this game.


The goal of the game of the game remains the same- try to reach to the 100th step before your opponent.


Players will get a chance to roll their die and draw an UNO card and also have to answer a trivia question.


If you role a 1 or 6 on the die. You are eligible to draw a card from the UNO deck and  one of the team player will pick up a trivia question to ask you. If you don’t give the correct answer- your turn gets skipped.

If the card is a number you can move that amount of steps right then


If your card is a reverse card, you have to go back the steps you rolled on the dice


If your card is a wild card, you can role again


If your card is a draw 4 or draw 2, you can use that against an opponent making the opponent go back 2 or 4 depending on the card drawn


If your card is a skip card, then you remain where you are and your turn gets skipped.


My best friend and I played this game yesterday since it was only the two of us, the game took some time. I wasn’t getting much in having to draw “draw 4 or even a 2”- it was him who would get them the most and of course I would have to go back the steps and the most annoying part was when moving back and landing on a snake! -_- which would lead me to do down another 10-20 steps. The game was very fun to play but I just wish I had better luck in playing so.

I used to play snakes and ladders with my friends when I was younger. When I got the project to modify a game, snakes and ladder jumped in my head right away because it is my favorite board game. First I thought of adding playing cards to it, but the playing cards were simple and I could not add much to the game with them. Then I thought of the UNO cards, because the UNO cards have many more variety of cards involved I was able to add more twist into the game. The game was more fun with the new twists using the UNO cards. It got harder because you would never know which card you would draw; the cards can be your friend or your enemy.

We played the game again using trivia questions, it became a lot harder since it was not just based on luck anymore. This time around I won 😀 I was able to answer most of the trivia questions correctly which lead me to moving on with my moves on snakes and ladder. The trivia questions adds more fun to the game. I suggest you should give this game a try and see how you like it!

13 thoughts on “Snakes and Ladders with a Twist

  1. I like the factors that you applied to the game with the UNO cards, there are many more manipulations of the game pieces on the board this way. Did you try any other modifications afterward or only the initial modification?

    Snakes and Ladders like Candyland is a game of chance. You can only do what the random roll of the dice tell you to do. Adding the UNO cards creates adds some new mechanics to the game, but it still is only a game of chance. The players have no choice, they have to do either what the dice or cards say.

    I’d suggest that you try playing again and ditch the dice and deal seven UNO cards to each player. This will allow each player to pick a card to play from a selection of seven. Opportunities to develop strategy will likely evolve from having choice in the play.

    • Professor- I decided to add Trivia Questions.
      Questions can vary depending on who’s playing.
      If played with friends- it can be based on movies, music etc.
      If played with students- it can be based on the materials covered in class. If they don’t give the correct answer to the question, their turn would get skipped.

      I hope this is a good strategy since it is no longer just based on luck.
      Thank you!

  2. Nice twist to snakes and ladders! I can see how the uno cards made it a bit more unpredictable.

  3. Great twist to the game, and the UNO cards make it as if what chance of which card you’re going to get.

  4. Hey. Way to be creative about a pretty basic board game. When I used to play board games, sometimes when it took too long for a person to win, I felt like a little spice needed to be added to the game to make it less robotic and more interesting. For example: every play a game of Lifetime. Talk about forever! Haha

  5. Love it as it is! But after reading the professors comment, I agree, if you could add an element of strategy that might make it a bit more interesting.

  6. I really like the way you decided to modify this game! The rules you created are quite interesting. Nice modification!

    • Thanks Steph, who knew changing some rules and combining games can actually great another great game.

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