The card game remix

Rules: The rules of this game are as follows. First the contestant must pick a card randomly. The value of this card shows the number in which the contestant must fall within compared to the actual price. The contestant then begins picking playing cards at random. Each card has a numerical value (1=100, 2=200, Jack Queen King=1,000 Ace= wild card). The contestant picks as many cards as they want until they feel they are within range of the value of the prize.

Components= cards, the player, calculator,

Core Mechanics: the player reveals the card they randomly selected and the value of all cards collected is added up.

Goal:  The goal is to get the correct value of the prize within the alowed value

Space: at a table

Mock up: For the mock up of this game i simply had to produce a series of papers with numerical value as well as a prize value in which to aim for. I chose to make two sets of the playing card tiles as well as 5 of the value tiles. I also used a calculator to add up the points as the contestants were picking cards

Modification: A modification I would make to this game is to increase the skill required and decrease the luck. In order to do this I would place the cards on a dart board. The contestant would be able to see the value of each card. The contestant would be required to throw a dart at the card value they want. Contestants would have a limited number of trials.


5 thoughts on “The card game remix

  1. This is a good game. The contestants get to estimate the value of a prize by using cards. I think I would be good at this game. Nice post!

  2. You created a nice mock up for the game. I like the way you modified it by having the player throw darts at the cards they want instead of just picking from the deck. I wish we had more time so I could’ve tried your game.

  3. Sounds like a fun game to play! You did a great job on modifying the game, I like the fact it decreasing luck this way it gives a little more chances for contentants to win 🙂

  4. I’m guessing it will be a horrible scene if the person has no sense of aim, huh?

    Funny, this reminded me of something I saw last night on a show where Crime Scene Investigators had to throw knives forward at a target. While two CSI’s actually hit the target and one missed the target — one woman actually let the knife fly backwards towards the wall instead of forward to the target. Too funny! Why out of all four of them did it have to be a woman though?! I’m a female with great aim.

    Thanks for the post.

  5. This game was great. I won a brand new car…Wooooo… You have to have a good sense of the price of the car. I was really lucky..

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