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The Institute of Play, a non-for-profit organization founded in 2007 by a number of game designers looks to “design experiences that make learning irresistible.” Read about their history and of particular interest the New York City public school they created based on their learning models.

I have a friend that works there and asked if he could give us some feedback on our plans to build an Education Arcade. He suggested we try out their GAMEKIT, which is currently in beta. The site teaches game design principles through short challenges which ask you to build and/or modify games and test them. The site currently has four challenges you can choose from.

  1. Find Play in Things
  2. Mod a Board Game
  3. Mix Strategy + Luck
  4. Design a Play Space

Please chose one of the game design challenges to complete. For the Find Play in Things challenge feel free to select different ‘things’ to experiment with and create a game. Be sure you document all the steps of the challenge with photos and/or video. Also describe what you did for each step and how you chose what you did.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by comedy_nose

When it comes to testing the game you’ve created, be sure to play the game with someone else! Whether it’s family or friends, you must play with others and get their feedback. Be sure to make changes to the mechanics and rules of the game based on the gameplay and document these changes.

The blog post for this assignment should include the following:

  1. Photo and/or video documentation of each of the steps taken in the challenge. There should also be some description of how you made the choices you did.
  2. For the testing of the game with others be sure to have answers to these questions. What is fun about the game? Not fun? What would you do to change the game? Why? Did the game get more challenging, less challenging, more fun, less fun after you made each change?
  3. Be sure to include documention with photos and/video changes to the game mechanics and rules.

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