3 Strikes to the Superbowl

3 Strikes

3 Strikes to the Superbowl


Goal – To pull  numbers from a hat, place the number in the right spot by estimating the price of the prize.  If they get the price correct before getting 3 strikes they win the prize.

Rules – The player is offered a chance to guess the price of a big prize by reaching in a hat that contains 8 chips consisting of 5 numbers & 3 X’s(strikes).  If the player pulls a number they will estimate where the number should be to complete the price, if they place the number in the wrong slot they will place the number back into the hat and redraw.  If the player pulls an X that chip will be placed a strike slot, the player will continue to draw until they get the price right or 3 STRIKES.

Core Mechanics – It is a game of chance and calculated estimations, the player must consider the value of the prize and estimate where the number may go, if wrong they must recalculate and remember previous moves.

Components – A hat/bucket/object to hold the chips, 8 chips(5 numbers & 3 X’s or strikes), a board to place the numbers and strikes, a good vision of the prize and a monitor/host to move the game along with knowledge of the prize’s value.

Space – This will consist of a board with spots for numbers and strikes. a picture of the prize, a stand for the hat/bucket and room for the player to move between the two.

Awesome Game – modifications for this game I might consider providing a bit of info on the prize at hand which will allow the player to better assess the game…….


In my group we decided to modify the game called “The Card Game” used by Mr. Anderson and my suggestion was to enhance the value of the cards that the player would draw,  this would speed the game up but also put the pressure on the player to estimate the value of the prize and make a faster decision.  In our group we all brainstormed on modifications that we could make to the game however we did not have a chance to play the game with the modifications.

5 thoughts on “3 Strikes to the Superbowl

  1. Great post! Imagine playing this game in real life the intensity and pressure. Must say, Maria is really good!

  2. I played this game in class and it was hard. Also I completely undervalued the cost of superbowl tickets. Needless to say I will be watching from my couch or friendly neighborhood bar.

  3. Initially, when I read your description of the game, I thought the contestant had a chance to move the numbers around to guess the value of the prize — as long as they drew a number and not an ‘X’, they could rearrange the numbers to equal the value of the prize proposed. After the video, I saw that wasn’t the case.

    You better have some good luck for this one.

  4. I lost this game 🙁 I got an X in the first try and another one in the third try. Bad luck…Our professor was very close. He lost for one number which was frustrating. great post…

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