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I was researching for an informative blog on Google.  I saw and read many blogs, but out of the many, the one that really caught my attention is the “wearenewyorksbrightest.”This blog is of a Middle School math teacher, Mr. Yang, who teaches in the South Bronx. He shares his first year of teaching experience.

I find this blog really interesting because Mr. Yang really enjoys what he does and it shows in his blogs. He even shared several lessons he learned as being a teacher. One lesson he shares is “always stay organized- you never know when your organization is the only thing that can keep you and your students sane”. That is an important lesson because if the teacher is disorganized then only one can describe how the class will be. I really enjoyed reading a couple of his postings. I cannot wait to read all of them from the start. He seems like a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher and I wish to have the same attitude when I start my teaching career. The reason I chose his blog is because he became a teacher in 2011- a new teacher. The advice and lessons he posts on his blog can help prepare me. I want to join his conversations and be able to ask him couple of my own questions. The information he has to provide can mentally prepare me in becoming a teacher. Another lesson he shares is “never try to juggle two physical tasks at the same time”. That is a problem I have, I take on too much as once. I will definitely read his lessons over and start to work on it myself.

I am interested in this piece of conversation because it’s a guide for my future career. I believe becoming a follower of such related blogs would help me get started on building strong connections with my peers. This connection would also allow me to feel more comfortable and more prepared for my teaching career. Looking through “wearenewyorksbrightest.” blog, I can truly say, Mr. Yang would become my role model. In the way he is so passionate about teaching and how he does not waste any time in educating his students. He stays on top and this is very important. There are a lot of teachers out there who just teach for the sake of teaching. However, this teacher he truly loves his job and willing to help students in whatever ways he can. I am so glad I was able to find this blog- it makes me feel like I am a lot closer to my dream than I was ever before.


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  1. Great post. Looks like you’ve found your role model. I also read his blog and seem like he is really passionate about math.Probably he is a math geek 😉 and there is no problem with that. He shared some of his experience as well and I think this will help future teachers a lot.

  2. Mr. Yang sounds very interesting. I’m definitely going to check his blogs. I like your post!

  3. It’s great that you pointed out the important lessons he shares. I’m glad you found a blogger that can help you towards your future profession. Keep learning and aspiring to become an effective teacher!

  4. This is a great find, I have an affinity for this blog after reading a bit of it because I also have experience with kid in the S. Bronx as I live there. I DEFINITELYsee the need for bright teachers in impoverished neighborhoods and this need is one of my motivations to be a teacher/leader/mentor. It is good to see Mr. Yang is inspiratation for you and sharing his experiences helping you discover your dreams. I too really like this blog and find it to be valuable and am going to probably read it regularly, thanks, good find..

  5. I enjoyed your post, and its refreshing to find some new inspiration once in a while. I was reading through his blog and I definitely enjoyed the parts I read.

  6. Interesting blog, I like his energy. He should take a this class though, because I really wanted a hyperlink when he said ” I was a senior in high school when the Michelle Rhee “boom” started to burst. I was a freshman in college when the “broom article” hit Time Magazine.”

    Any idea what the “broom article” might be about? I know a bit about what Rhee was trying to do, but my Google-Fu is failing me on the broom thing.

  7. Mr. Yang seems like a wonderful teacher who really wants to make a difference in every one of his student’s lives. Being available to his students before and after class really proves that he wants to help them be successful. Its great how he is trying to reach out to the “needy” students and find ideas on how to get them more interested/motivated in wanting to do better. A lot of teachers leave it up to the children but he is trying to find different ways. Its also helpful that he takes the time to make calendars to keep them on track. Great post, he’s a great role model for us all!

  8. Some of us future teachers are freaked out about actually being a teacher. Although it’s something we’re strong and passionate about, we can’t help to wonder how we’ll do or if our students will listen to us when we get out there to the classrooms. We have our nerves too. It’s great to vibrant teachers who love what they do. It makes us prospects a bit more eager to get out into the field of education and it gives us hope that teachers do matter as people and a profession. Let’s stop being put down and show that we’re just as important as … let’s say, those Corporate America workers out there. Good stuff.

  9. You found a great blog, I especially like the blog about the “big one” in which a larger student broke a desk by accident and Mr. Yang had some difficulty dealing with the situation. I enjoyed his reaction and I believe he chose the correct action to diffuse the situation (my heart breaks for that student). Reading blogs like Mr. Yang’s can prepare us for unforeseen incidents that our training here in York College cannot prepare us for.

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  11. Thank you, everybody!! I will try to update as much as possible – this year has been really stressful because all schools across the country are in full implementation of the Common Core. Your words are extremely encouraging & I am honored that you find so much inspiration in my teaching and teaching style! Please do not hesitate to comment on my blog and ask any questions you may have.

    • @mryang not sure if the OP will see these comments, but I hope they do. This blog was created for the Winter Session of a course which investigates ways to integrate technology in the classroom. And blogging is always a nice way to support that goal!

      Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with the Common Core.

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