The Price is Right – CREDIT CARD




Rules: The player chooses a credit limit out of the container.  Then they will have to select three items (one at a time) that totals below the credit limit they chose.  If their total does not exceed the credit limit, they will win all eight prizes!

Core Mechanics: The player has to have a good estimate of how much these items cost

Goal: The players goal is to try and guess which 3 items total won’t exceed the credit amount they chose

Space: The items just have to be visible to the player so it is best that they stand in front of the credit limits container and the item cards

Components: Eight cards with 1 item on each (the price is on the back but the player is not able to see it), a container with different credit limits, calculator for adding up the price of the items.

Credit Card Mockup

Description of my mockup:  I searched for the cost of 8 products that I had drew on a paper.  On the reverse side of the paper, I wrote down the price of each item.  Then I crafted a cylinder out of paper and placed a few pieces of paper inside of it.  Each piece of paper contains a number which represents the value of 3 products.

Modification: Our group decided to modify the Credit Card game.  My suggestion to the modification is a rule change.  It’s a slight change but I thought it would make the game a bit more challenging.  The same rules apply except that the total price of the items shouldn’t be below $100 from your credit limit.  A few of the items that I drew are similar in price so this makes the game much more interesting in my opinion!  If you guess the right amount you win all eight prizes but if you go above, you get nothing.


9 thoughts on “The Price is Right – CREDIT CARD

  1. Cool Game. If the player has a good sense of the possible price it will be pretty easy to win the price. Your design is also looks good..

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  3. I actually saw this game played in class and it seemed really fun. The rules are simple, but one needs to be somewhat good at math to succeed in this game. I also agree that the contestant needs to be good at estimating costs of items.

    • True but only to an extent because they do most of the subtracting for you. but I do agree you need to plan a bit in your head.

  4. I played this game during class time and of course I won. If you’re good at shopping and have a pretty good idea of how much items cost nowadays, it’s pretty easy to win the mock version.

    The real version — well that’s another story.

    • Easy for you cuz you know your prices, you were exact on all my items so you stayed within your credit limit, Good for you!

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  6. That was a really nice game. I like how you created the game fast with amazing drawings.

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