Rules:The Rules for this game is fairly basic. you start with an incorrect price at the bottom of the blocks. The object is to find the correct price of the car. above each of the digits for the incorrect price is the correct digit for that price. for the first digit of the price of the car there are a total of 2 digits. as you move to the right guessing the price of the digits above the incorrect price increase by 1. you use the digits on top of the incorrect price to cover the incorrect price. After she covers up each digits they check to see if she has any digits right the only way she can continue to play is if she guessed at least 1 digit correct.

Mechanics: The Mechanics for this game would be guessing the correct number in order to get close to the overall correct price of the car.

Space: Making a game that has square digits and large numbers.

Goal: After each guess the digits light up informing the contestant which numbers he or she has guessed correctly.

Parts of the game- A car, 20 different digits, a buzzer, a way to show correct guess,


My Mock-up game


5 thoughts on “COVER UP

  1. Nice and funny game. Jassica were very close. I know how she felt. Just one number. Uffff…. You designed this very nicely. It looks very close the original game. The original is colorful and yours is white. Great post.

  2. This game of yours was actually very exciting to play and the fact I won the “car’ 🙂 Your rules were clear and the set up of it was well placed and designed. Nice post!

  3. cool game, you gotta be lucky to win that prize but also have a good esitimation of the value to the prize

  4. I agree with all comment above mine. The design of the mock up is great, very exciting to play and of course it is a game by change and that’s what makes it fun. Great choice of game!

  5. Great game choice, I like your mockup. I order to win, you’ll have to have a pretty good guess on the price of the car, sounds like fun, wish we had more time to play all the games in class!

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