Bonkers- The Price Is Right


Five Core Design Elements

Rules– The rules are very simple. An item is presented to you and you have to guess the correct pattern of the price. There is a board that contains four numbers- it is not mixed and eight spaces- above and below each number. For example- The numbers are 4857. What you have to do is place the marker  on top or bottom of each number which identifies “lower” or “higher” of that price. You have to place the marker according to what you think what the price might be – you ONLY get 30 seconds!

Core Mechanics– Since you only get 30 seconds, you have to be really fast.

Goal– The goal of this game is to guess the correct pattern of the item.

Space-It is a game-board display so you have to move around and place the marker in its correct pattern.

Components– Board with 4 digits, Four markers and a 30 second clock.

Modification of the game.

The original game is played within 30 seconds in trying to guess the correct pattern price of the item. I am going to modify this game by changing the rule. Instead of 30 seconds of guessing, the contestant will now only get 20 seconds to be able to guess the correct pattern. I believe this modification will make the game a little more intense and that is what we usually look for. Once the game was modified, I had my brother play it. Due to the fact he only had 20 seconds, it involved him to be very fast and it created this intensity. I think the 10 seconds difference helped improved the game to become interesting. 10 seconds does make a big difference. Although, my brother was not able to guess the correct pattern  of the game, I hope the game isn’t as difficult to play when trying with others.

2 thoughts on “Bonkers- The Price Is Right

  1. Your mock up game looks really good. You have artistic skills. I like how the guy in the video won the game at the very last minute.

  2. He won just in the nick of time, a game guessing, chance and little physicality… I bet you could designed the objectives of this game for kids and they would love it….

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