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From the onset of this search I was determined to find an online community of bloggers, educators and students like myself who have a passion for physical activity, fitness, sports and leadership.  The search wasn’t easy in the fact that I found so many sites with so much to go off of it was hard to narrow it down and find just the right direction to follow.

Following many of the links and using my little bit of “google fu” I was able to land on a link/blog designed by Stephen Yang an adjunct professor at S.U.N.Y. Cortland called Rockstar PE. I found this blog to be a jump off point leading me to a myriad of places that can connect me to physical educators and a variety of resources. (one of those places being the S.U.N.Y. Cortland webpage, which led to me realize they have a large PE program both undergrad & graduate, which could be a school I would consider for my masters)

Using Rockstar PE I followed the rabbit hole of links leading me in multiple directions.  The first link I clicked was on Stephen Yang’s twitter account hoping to lead me to active conversation on anything PE related, then I realized Yang is more of a fitness video researcher but his twitter is very much PE heavy, so I read some of the twitter followings on his page and most of his communications were with PE educators from  various levels & regions (college, high school & elementary).

By realizing that there were so many PE educators on twitter I felt it was a good idea to start my own twitter account.  Using my account I could view many profiles which lead to link after link.  An example of a good link is PhysEd Games which provide simple ideas for PE games.  Also by following various links it lead me to professional organizations that are good resources for PE teachers such as AAHPERD.

All in all this assignment challenged me to search for online communities or networks to help me enhance my knowledge and understanding of physical education.  The greatest result for me was the discovery of just how valuable twitter is and how my PE educators are communicating.  Right now I am just a “lurker” looking for right outlets to become part of which can lead to positive networking.

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6 thoughts on “Follow the links to better fitness

  1. Good post about how you find bloggers. This is what I like about internet. It give lots of opportunity to find what you want. I feel like the world is on my finger tip and only one click away.

  2. I like the idea of the PhysEd Games. Giving PE more games to choose from. When I was in school it seemed we played the same games every year with no variety. I think if this type of website was available for PE teachers maybe gym, for me, would have been more enjoyable.

  3. I also stumbled on to rockstar PE but was overwhelmed by the vast number of links. Glad you were able to navigate it with some success. Also great find with the PE game website. Will be accessing it in the near future

  4. It is great that you discovered this informative network to help you with your PE major. The title of your post goes perfectly with your post writing because you discussed how the links lead to other related resources. Once you are ready to share your point of view on the PE topic, start communicating with the PE educators! You will definitely learn plenty!

  5. You may be just a “lurker” right now, but soon you would have so much to tell and talk about. You will be posting some of your own great information and techniques for PE classes. It’s nice to know you were able to find great resources to help you build on. Nice post!

  6. Twitter is a geat tool that us to connect with people in our field of education. I’m glad you found a great connection.

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