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In order to build a connection i searched twitter for anything phys ed related. I came up with a multitude of different teachers and professionals in this field. When you search twitter for phys ed so many people come up, along with connecting with other professionals these educators also post all different things phys ed related such as websites, curriculum, websites, and much more. i also discovered the hashtag #PEgeeks is a popular hash tag connection that all different teachers from around the world use to connect with different physical education ideas. On twitter i discovered a Physical Education teacher named Adam Howell, through his twitter i gained access to a lot of great information, he had a link on his twitter to a website that provides you with great apps for your ipad to use in your classroom.Here is also the link to the blog of Adam Howell. Technology and PE class is making huge strides, using technology to improve your lesson plans, share information, or even do activities is being a widespread common practice.


2 thoughts on “Phy Ed Connections

  1. I also searched phys ed on twitter and came back with a load of info, after sifting through what I could I also found the wide array to PE teachers who communicate through twitter, following the links also allowed me to explore a variety of sites that are useful resources. It looks as if the network of PE educators is widespread and global through many outlets, and I found many spots including PE geeks which is a good means to provide ideas of technology in the gym. Interesting video too, before I decided on York I actually looked into Ithaca college for their PE program because it looked really good, however that school is super expensive!!!

  2. I actually was a PE major and SUNY Cortland for two years but was unable to finish. It was a great program but a ton of work.

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