Man Kitchen 101: Cooking without cooking

Greetings and salutations!!! As I am not a very talented craftsman I decided to make something in the only place I truly know how (the kitchen). Here is a step by step post on how to make my famous (in my  own home) chicken salad.

First the ingredients:


two eggs, relish, mayonnaise, chicken, and some seasoning

Brands of course are not important but for of course I chose to use some of my favorites. Some people may choose to add onions celery or even red pepper flakes their chicken salad. As I am not a huge fan of any of these food items I left these items out.


First boil the two eggs on a medium flame. This will roughly take a half hour. After boiling allow the eggs to sit in cool water for several minutes.

After peeling the shell off your ready to add your first ingredient, the chicken. Open your can of chicken and place it into a bowl. Be careful not to cut yourself.

After adding the chicken it is time to add your eggs. Use a bitter knife to cut the egg into pieces as you place it into the bowl

The next ingredient we will add is the relish. Personally I like to add around 1 1/2 fork full of relish, but adjust according to your own preference

I know it looks delicious but we must put the final touch of seasoning first. Resist the urge to eat right away. With just a pinch of seasoning your ready for the last step MIXING. Use your fork to mix the ingredients together. Be sure to break the chicken and egg into smaller pieces while you mix





9 thoughts on “Man Kitchen 101: Cooking without cooking

  1. Nice simple recipe I’m sure it was delicious. And good job lining up images with the progress of the steps. Two things to consider, one all of the images are the full size from the camera. These are very large and will be slow to load. Did you look at the free web software Pixlr and the tutorial I suggested for resizing images?

    Also it’s always nice to try and take a nice food photo of the final product of all your preparation efforts!

  2. I love chicken salad but never made it myself, your step by step instructions are easy to follow so I will def give it a try this weekend!

  3. I really like how simple and straight forward your steps are into making this delicious chicken salad. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I make my chicken salad sandwich in a similar fashion but I like to spice it up with Tabasco sauce. I like the idea of the relish, I’m definitely going to try that. Thanks!

  5. cool recipe, never realy knew the process of making chix salad, now I know, easy recipe to prepare, good post…

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