How to crochet a headband

I have been crocheting since I was 15 years old, It’s a hobby of mine and I find it very therapeutic and relaxing.  It calms me and relieves the stress.  It provides me with a sense of accomplishment when I complete a certain project.  It also gives me a way to express myself and make something unique and meaningful for others.

Overall I am pleased with my video because I’ve never done a tutorial before.  It was pretty tough trying to record because I had my three children at home, that’s why there is so much noise in the background.  If I could change anything, it would be the angle of the video camera, a head view would have been better to follow.  Just want to thank my children especially my five year old daughter, Salma, for proudly wearing all of my creations!


18 thoughts on “How to crochet a headband

  1. I really enjoyed watching your video!
    Your daughter is so cute 🙂
    I find crocheting very difficult to do, I use to knit a lot, i find it a lot easier but after watching your video I will give crocheting another chance.
    Thank you for sharing!
    The Headband is beautiful.

      • I can teach you how knit 🙂
        I have so many extra yarns just lying at home- can make some good use of it.

  2. I really liked your video as well. I’ve never done crocheting but you make it look so easy!

    • It is easy and once you get the hang of it, you won’t be able to stop! Its very addicting.

    • It is easy, you should try it, there are so many blogs about real manly men who love to crochet!

  3. This hobby really demonstrates how skilled you are at crocheting. That headband is really unique, especially because you created it yourself. This is really impressive! Your tutorial video encouraged me to try making one myself.

    • Youtube has so many beginner level tutorials. Its so simple and fun to do! You should def give it a try.

  4. I know how to do it but needs a lot of patience what I don’t have. You are really good at it and the head band look really pretty. I learned it in my high school and also from my aunt. My aunt can make nice laces, and also various head wear and socks. It’s a real good skill to have. You can make money out of it.Great post. 🙂

  5. The ability to crochet looks a very technical skill, but I could see why you say it is theraputic, im too uncoordinated to do something like this, but if I was this video gives me an understanding of how to begin, good work!

  6. Amazing video and to have your daughter wear the headband is cute and shows how much she loves your creativity.

  7. I’m really jealous of everyone’s artistic abilities. This is so cool and you’re daughter is such a cutie pie. My niece Nylah loves headbands. We can’t leave the house without one. Her little sister too. Wish I could do this. Beautiful product and such a great skill that you’ve got hands down. Creative video.

    • Oh please, I wish I could run a marathon…your little nieces sound adorable, can’t wait to meet them!

  8. This is awesome. A friend of mine tried to teach me how to crochet but I get frustrated to easily. Great skill to have though.

  9. Interesting that you mentioned the idea of shooting from your point-of-view, that way people would be able to see what you’re doing and not have to make a mental flip. The other youtube video that saved me some home repair money was this guy who taught me how to replace a dryer belt. Notice where the video is cued up, you’ll see two hands opening the dryer, which means the camera is attached to his forehead! Sounds silly but I bet this would work well for the crocheting videos.

    • Yes, I agree, it would have made it much easier to follow. I thought about doing this after looking at some youtube videos on crocheting before I made the video but thought I needed a tool…some sort of head belt to hold up the camera. I should’ve just tied my phone to my head using a belt or rope. Maybe next time.

  10. Great video! Everything is clear and you make it easy to understand. You have a great skill.

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