How to make a paper airplane

Hello everyone my name is Meir and today I’m going to show you how to make a paper airplane.

Step 1: Take any sheet of paper (preferably blank)

Step 2: Fold the paper in half

Step 3: Open it and fold the top 2 corners so that they fold into triangles.

Step 4: Fold it and and open the outside of each side.


Hold it from the bottom like I am and throw it. Now have your paper airplane! enjoy flying it and hope that it doesn’t land into someones eye. The end.

8 thoughts on “How to make a paper airplane

  1. I know to make a paper plane. Me and my brother used to make a lot of them when we were kids. We used to play with it a lot. You remind me my golden days. I never wanted to grow up. I still want to go back to my childhood days…… 🙁

  2. I wish I could also go back, throwing paper airplanes and spit balls through a straw in class when the teacher isn’t paying attention 🙂

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