MOOCs Are A Major Trend In Tech-Ed

Coursera a platform for xMOOCs

Andrey Waters wrote an a blog called “The Year of  the MOOC” in which she explains why MOOCs are one of the top trends in technical education of 2012. MOOCs stands for Massive Open Online Courses.  As the name implies, these courses are available to anyone in the world with access to the World Wide Web and are free of charge. Students may even obtain certificates once they pass a course.Their most recent version are content based and place emphasis on video lectures and multiple choice tests. These courses run in open-source platforms such as Coursera, edX and Udacity.

I believe Andrey Water, being an educational technology blogger, chose MOOCs as one of the top trends in education in 2012 because within that year, open-source platforms such as Coursera, edX and Udacity where serially launched and many universities around the world used these platform for their courses.  Among such universities are the prestigious MIT and Harvard of the United States which both took a step further by creating their own platform called edX.

MIT and Harvard launch the edX initiative, each chipping in $30 million to create the non-profit and eventually open-source platform.

MOOCs are an excellent way to allow people all over the world, who take life long education seriously, to continue educating themselves at the highest level for free. I personally applaud the efforts of those who have contributed to this cause and hope that this trend continues in the future. However, As a future K-12 educator, I’m aware that if MOOCs become very successful, they could potentially change how K-12 education is delivered in the future.

4 thoughts on “MOOCs Are A Major Trend In Tech-Ed

  1. I the MOOC is a good concept and one of the paths that future education will ultimately take, however I am aware of the potential to change K-12 education. The MOOC movement is real good for adult learners who have demanding personal schedules. I am interested to see where MOOC movement goes, I just hope I able to comprehend its movements.

  2. After reading your post, I now have a better understanding of what MOOCs are. I thinks its great that anyone can access these courses online for free.

  3. I didnt know MOOCS were free. I totally agree with you college should also be free and give every child the opportunity to be able to get the education they need and want. Nicely done.

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