Flipping MOOCs Code Open Politics

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Educational Technology blogger Audrey Watters recently completed a review of 2012 in her blog Hack EducationIn a series of ten posts she outlined the Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012. One of these trends The Maker Movement was a resource for our first assignment this semester, and serves as inspiration for our ongoing assignment to host an education arcade for on the last class.

I want you to help me review the other nine ed tech trends identified by Waters and present your perspective on them. One or two of you will be assigned a trend to investigate (look below for your display name from this blog). In your review please be sure to cover the following:

  1. Summarize the trend identified, what is it?
  2. Why do you believe this trend was chosen? Give examples in your explanation.
  3. There are many embedded and linked resources in the description of the trend chose a few to read and give us some description of why they are part of the story.
  4. Be sure to embed any relavent images and/or videos, also be sure to quote and hyperlink resources.

1. The Business of Ed-Tech Anthony Omor

2. The Maker Movement (already covered in the first class)

3. Learning to Code ezmike and jkidd342

4. The Flipped Classroom mgaled87 and jsharma1

5. MOOCs mickey220 and yitongliton

6. The Battle to Open Textbooks mranderson

7. Education Data and Learning Analytics returnzero and zel2001

8. The Platforming of Education sgazcona

9. Automation and Artificial Intelligence thasan7 and thejovster

10. The Politics of Ed-Tech uzma05