Extreme Makeover : Education Edition

Hola guys, Joviette here. Health Education K-12 major with future goals of teaching little kiddies on why it is oh so important to practice living a healthy lifestyle. I won’t lie, I’m EXTREMELY passionate about the subject, BUT I’m not only pitching the typical diet and exercise speech you hear everywhere else in the world, INSTEAD overall well-being.

The individualistic abilities that children should possess are highlighted so well in this article along with in the purpose of The Maker Movement in general — where children find tweaking electronics and inventing so worth-while.

— and making is an important element of their personal identity.

Can you say so true? ^^

You get the best out of education when teachers learn from students and students learn from teachers. The Maker Movement puts boring teacher lectures in a blur and allows education to stray away from being teacher-centered, but instead to being more about the students.

Plenty of people may not know that health exists outside of the physical aspects of diet and exercising. Incorporating “making” into education and the classroom would be a great idea for promoting emotional health as well as self-efficacy and self-esteem. TWO major and different things that students may struggle with during the “finding themselves” stage.

Kids need outlets dammit!

For a teacher, it is also a great way to incorporate different types of learning styles. Some students are great visual learners, but others like to be hands-on. What a great way to serve individualistic needs.

Now tell me that doesn’t sound like a win win

2 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover : Education Edition

  1. Great start to posting! I really like your contextualizing the maker movement into overall well-being – healthy, happy, and prosperous. I could see a lot of the ideals of making helping meet those goals.

  2. Strong post here, I like the concept you use in identifying well being as a vital component enhanced by the elements of maker culture. It is a good approach for teacher to try to meet students individual needs. You also make a good point in that education should be student centered rather than teacher centered and to add on to that I think it is good be Learning centered. Your a health major & I’m a PE major so we know that physical/mental/emotional health is major factor in advancing an individuals well being especially in children…good find on the hacker space movement too…

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