Built to Shred

Hello, I had to do a second post… I really like the foundations of the MAKER MOVEMENT  and since i’m really into to all kinds of sports from football to skateboarding I remember this show I watched a bunch of times called “Built to Shred” where the host would create and build all of these crazy obstacles to skate, surf or shred….and I thought this show was really in the spirit of the maker culture…

There are a bunch of clips from this show on youtube but here is one example, check it out:

7 thoughts on “Built to Shred

  1. great video anthony, this definitely captures the spirit of the maker movement. That was crazy.

  2. cool video, i thought he was going to end up breaking both legs but it was very creative!

  3. Awesome video Anthony this video shows how an idea such as your video takes education, technology, and maker all of it to the H.N.L (Hole Nother Level). It also shows how people are using physics and aerodynamics to create something fun but at the same time they are educating themselves. Awesome post!

  4. Just like you, I’m into all types of sports. I love to see “artsy fartsy” people because I have NO artistic abilities whatsoever! It’s seriously sad! HAHA

    And they used recyclable material! Talk about Going Green. I love it!

  5. I am not a game lover but I wish I could skate. It’s always fascinating to me. This guy is amazing. Great video and good post.

  6. I’m guessing this is what you call passion! Doing whatever you have to do in order to establish it.You’re out to do it any how and in anyway. This video was very interesting to watch.

  7. Good post! these guys are awesome. I saw your video first and then continued to watch more in Youtube.

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