Maker Movement and the Extreme Possibilities

What’s Up!  My name is Anthony, I am a Phys. Ed. major here at York College, I am working for my Bachelor Degree in P.E. K-12 and state teaching license.  When I have all the credentials required I plan to teach P.E. for which ever grade level I have the opportunity to teach.  Also I love sports and have a lot of experience playing many sports and I love the beneficial aspects of physical fitness therefore I would also like to coach sports and be a trainer as well.

Maker Kids at Maker Faire Austin from the MAKE blog

I find the theme of this class using the ‘Maker Culture’ as a guide to be a very interesting approach in enhancing student’s creativity, intelligence and understanding of the world around them.  No matter the age it is a very valuable trait to cultivate one’s creative outlets. From science & art to mathematics & engineering to sports & music, creative ingenuity propels that motor.


In my initial searches to elaborate on the ‘Maker Culture’ I aimed to draw a correlation between Phys. Ed. and the Culture and there wasn’t much connection between the two but there was one particular link that landed in my search.  It was a site designed by Red Bull which is a very cutting edge company that heavily invests in EXTREME SPORTS!  Red Bull stays in the now and recognized the movement of the ‘Maker Culture’ and designed a pretty cool website dedicated to the ‘Maker Culture’ called RED BULL CREATION.

After much thought and through all the creative and innovative adventures sponsored by Red Bull, I began to realize just how deep creative ingenuity can go with regard to academics, athletics and everything in between.  Using the foundation of the Maker Movement I feel I will tap into my creative outlets and become a better teacher/leader.




5 thoughts on “Maker Movement and the Extreme Possibilities

  1. I just realized the same thing lol. You can go very far with your inventions with little knowledge. The knowledge is acquired as you go! Great post!

  2. Nice post!
    Reading your blog opened up my mind a little more. Its interesting how much creativity can do. The skills can be used in almost all aspects of learning subjects.

  3. Great video, I agree that some of the most successful things today were made by makers!

  4. I agree that we could definitely explore bigger and better things when we allow students to create things and use their own minds. We limit their thinking by only allowing them to think the way we think. We need to remember that what makes us unique individuals is the fact that we think differently so lets embrace that.

  5. Hey Anthony I am also interested in Physical education and at first didn’t see much of a connection to maker culture. Maybe it doesn’t have to be tangible things for example we can give students an item such as a basketball and have them create their own game. Phys ed is already very hands on so the maker movement I believe is directed towards subjects that are taught in a less engaging way

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