Maker movement fused with education

Hello everyone my name is Meir Galed and my major is Health Education (K-12).

Education as we know it is on the rise and is being fused with technology. It is starting from elementary levels and it is amazing how children are learning and using new ideas and coming up with new concepts. The ideas and concepts of creating something other than just sitting in a class in rows and facing the teacher with a bored face and showing no interest. One of these new concepts is technology and how children are incorporating technology with their education. Below is an image of people creating new things at the Maker Faire and they are in the young makers program and the faire shows many of their inventions.

Maker Faire Africa 2010 – Nairobi By Maker Faire Africa

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7 thoughts on “Maker movement fused with education

  1. It’s crazy the way children know how to use technology at such a young age. I think technology in education can both hurt and help depending on the subject and specific situation, but I love the way technology pushes so much creativity in kids. The picture looks like everyone is having a good time! Who said there was an age cap for being creative and having fun? Education is moving away from just being teacher-centered. It’s about time!

  2. I agree education & technology are really on the rise in 2013 and in the future, it is astonishing to see that the maker movement is truly global from new york to africa, its a great thing… I am glad to realize this maker movement and technology in education movement now because its moving fast. this is the next wave educational enhancement…

  3. Nice post Meir, its good to see the maker movement is spreading. I especially enjoyed reading about the Young Makers program, nice to see that kids can be paired up with mentors to help create projects!

  4. I agree, Technologies are starting to impact our lives in way we would not have imagined so. Especially for little children. Usage of technology in classroom is helping students learn a lot faster and in a more meaningful way. Great post!

  5. I believe that students must engage in the activity which they are learning. Just sitting and paying attention to the teacher is not enough anymore.

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