A Closed Minded Teacher’s Open Mind

Me, wanting to be a Elementary school teacher, was inspired by the traditional structure of teaching. We are talking textbook readings, copying notes off the chalk board, multiple choice questions and tests on the context read in the textbook and taught in class. This approach is pretty standard but in some cases, such as science, this isn’t the most effective way to teach. I remembered plenty of times in school where we would occasionally do an actual experiment. Most of the time it was the same ones all the time, over and over again and they were structured in such a way that they were almost robotic, boring, not creative and for children at the ages of 6 to 10 this makes the point of the experiment ineffective due to the lose of the students attention and interest.

At first, I hated the idea of technology and computers in an Elementary school classroom. I felt this would take away from the standard skills that students need to learn for their academic career. However, in certain subjects I can see the benefit of hands on education. I had limited my feelings of technology to computers but through this research on STEM education, I have realized that certain subjects need a more hands on approach in order for a student to actually learn something.

In the blog called,Teachers Are Key to Building STEM Brand by.Ryan Lytle he expresses the idea that teacher need to embrase the idea of changing the way science, technology and music are taught. We, as teachers, are the root and foundation of this evolution in teaching. We must begin by opening our minds to new ideas. He says,

There is a universal fear among many teachers that STEM is a difficult set of topics to teach, she says, and starting conversations to alleviate these fears is vital to the future of STEM in the classroom.

To begin with this idea Mr. Lytle says we should talk to our peers about how to do this. Begin to work as a team. I feel that this video, with Physics and Chemistry teacher, Frank Noschese is a good beginning.


In the video the most important part to me is the beginning were he explains the “problem” he has with the way things are taught now. He describes the difference between the way scientists and students explore science. We see that the way students learn science isn’t very effective and it turns students off the idea of science. However, He then gives his own model for how he feels we can truly teach science in a way that is not only effective but fun, exciting and gets students motivated to learn more. This is what is the teachers most important goal in the end, don’t you think?

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  1. I too was inspired to become a teacher, specifically a physical educator, by the traditional system of schooling. I did not even realize there were other methods of teaching until I attended York College. Now that I know there are more effective ways of learning I too believe there must be a change in curriculum. I once had a social studies teacher in the 4th grade that barely spoke to us; all she did was write notes on the board for us to copy. I remember being so bored in that class and not learning anything. It is time for change.

  2. I agree, I to was a little apprehensive to introduce technology in the classroom but overtime I have begin to see the light, in this day and age it is best to reach children by all means available therefore with tech it is great bridge to help student become better equipped and more engaged with the whole process.

  3. I feel like it is time for change but I still feel like in junior high and high school yes I think that there should be more technology. However, me in an elementary school setting, using technology does more harm then good. Students don’t learn basic writing skills. They become use to keyboards and mouses and lose the ability to write with a paper and pen. That is alarming and then I see high school seniors who don’t know the difference between writing their name and SIGNING their name. I think it has alot to do with the fact that we as a society depend on technology too much. We can’t replace it with good old fashion forms of learning.

    • I agree with you to a certain degree. I don’t think that technology in an elementary setting does more harm than good because technology is the future and our children need to be tech savvy. I do agree with you when you say there needs to be more emphasis on writing skills in earlier education. Texting and Facebook posting is contributing to poor grammar skills and terrible writing. Children fall into bad habits when texting and these habits continue into middle and high school. It is embarrassing to read peer college essays that have text speak in them. There must be a balance between progressive and traditional instruction in our schools.

  4. I agree with you. I believe that a successful a teacher is the teacher who can make students engaged and interested in learning. Science and math needs more hands on practice. It’s not that I hate technology and computers in the classroom, but rather I believe that technology and computers give teachers opportunity to bring the whole world into their classrooms. There are a lot of resources for teachers to use and facilitate learning. Your post is very informative and well organized. 🙂

  5. I wish I had a science teacher as interesting as the guy in the video. Maybe I’d be able to tolerate it today

  6. Great post, yes I agree that it is our number one goal as future educators to get our children excited and interested in learning, we have to make them want it. Mr. Lytle’s approach to teaching science will definitely motivate kids.
    I felt the same way about technology in the classrooms. I had teachers tell me often, nobody knows how to write or talk anymore because we are all too use to technology. I totally agree with you that we need hands on learning for some subjects like math and science to better understand it…by the way, I’m horrible at both, things would have been different if I had teachers like Mr. Lytle!

  7. I do agree Mr. Lytle is awesome but remember we can all be just as creative in our own teaching. We can benefit from the ideas of our peers and we can incorporate what we have learned into our own classroom methods. Then one day our students will say, I learned and understood because of you. Greatest feeling ever.

  8. I definitely agree with the whole balance between teaching with technology and traditional way of teaching, especially with kids at a younger age. With technology teachers can get the attention of their students on a whole new level, and even trigger their imaginations and students will also show more intrest. Traditional ways should be incorporated with the technological ways, so students can well rounded.

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